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CREEBIES [SIS] Mobile Game For S60V3

CREEBIES Mobile Dis:
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Nokia today announced a brand new first party franchise, Creebies, which is due out at the beginning of 2008. Going by the press release, it sounds like a cross between Fluff Friends (of Facebook), Tamagotchi and Nintendogs. These would all be absolutely great to see on a mobile phone, as there would be a constant temptation to check on your creature is doing, or to allow creatures to interact between compatible phones.

Another thing to note is a phrase at the end of the press release: "N-Gage is a made-for-mobile games service available in compatible Nokia Nseries and other S60 3rd Edition devices from Nokia."

In other words, there WILL be non-Nseries phones included in the new N-Gage platform, though Nokia hasn't announced any yet.

There are no Creebies screenshots yet, but we do have a logo and some artwork:

And here's the full press release itself:

Create and care for your own virtual pet on your Nokia device
December 13, 2007
Creebies find their way onto N-Gage

Espoo, Finland - Nokia now offers a world of virtual pet-care so your pet is never left alone again. Creebies, available through the N-Gage mobile games service, gives each player their own 3D Creebi to care for, entertain, feed and even breed!

Supplied with a trailer and some virtual cash, you can customize your new friend and home with various accessories. Soon, the 3D pet will take on its own personality and appearance based on the attention it receives. With care, the pet will grow and become more independent. However, make sure to keep an eye on its individual health meters, which will let you know when its hungry or feeling ill.

"Nokia Games Publishing has brought a quirky game to N-Gage that appeal to all ages," said Dr Mark Ollila, Director of Technology and Strategy and Head of Games Publishing, Nokia. "With Creebies anyone can have the pleasure of owning a pet without the trouble of cleaning up the mess."

Your Creebi can also interact with other Creebies via Bluetooth technology - for instance, they can play games together or even breed. Players can show off their newborns to others or send them to new homes through the Adoption Center in the N-Gage Arena.

Creebies is expected to be available in early 2008.

About N-Gage
N-Gage is a made-for-mobile games service available in compatible Nokia Nseries and other S60 3rd Edition devices from Nokia. N-Gage makes it easy to find, try, buy, play and manage high-quality mobile games as well as connect to friends and other players in the N-Gage Arena, Nokia's mobile gaming community. Nokia is working with the world's leading publishers to deliver a broad portfolio of games.

About Nokia
Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. Nokia makes a wide range of mobile devices and provides people with experiences in music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games and business mobility through these devices. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.

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CREEBIES Game For S60V3 :

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Sumsung L788, Sumsung L878E, Sumsung innov8 

Maybe  CREEBIES mobile game will not work on all s60v3 phones...